Douche Bag Elimintation Team

Welcome to The Daily Douche!

We live in a world where chivalry has long diminished and the idea of a Knight in shining armor has turned into a pathetic man in thin foil.

At one point or another in your life, you’ve probably encountered a douche or two… dozen. Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a place we could find some relief to our frustration about all the unpleasant encounters we have with the douches of the world?  Well now there is. Your Daily Douche is a place to call out various douches for their unacceptable behavior and antics, to laugh at the nonsensical experiences of the unfortunate individuals subjected to the worst of the worst of douches, and to share your stories of the awful douches you have had to deal with!

TheDailyDouche is intended to be seen as humor for anyone living in, and dealing with, society. However, some of the cases presented will provide little warnings to the rest of us, against certain douchey behaviors we’re all potentially capable of exhibiting.


Douche Bag Elimination Team